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Zen Soto Aromatherapy and Lumie Light Therapy

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Zen Soto Aromatherapy Diffuser

People speak very highly of the Zen Soto aromatherapy diffuser – a clever device which uses low-energy bulbs and water to defuse aromatherapy vapors through your room. This makes an exciting and powerful change from overpowering reed diffusers which are so common and often smell completely artificial.

In use the Zen Soto is very cool and safe, which makes it completely safe to use around the family or animals and pets – when you fill it to the top of the basin (around the middle of the container) with water, the diffuser will actually run for about four hours giving off beautiful aromas using the aromatherapy oils supplied – these can include eucalyptus if you have congestion, or any other natural high quality Neal's Yard aromatherapy oil.

Bear in mind that because the Zen Soto does not use any heat, the essential oil remains unchanged in its natural form, giving you the therapeutic benefits and full enjoyment of the true scent of the essential oil.

The Zen Soto aromatherapy diffuser will take any type of oil, although it's recommended that the acidic types such as lemon, orange, citronella, are not left inside it when it's not in use – apparently they can damage the ceramic disc inside the diffuser.

Video - Zen Soto Aromatherapy Diffuser

That ceramic disc is claimed to last for 3000 hours when used for aromatherapy, but it can be replaced really easily and they cost very little to replace – you can find them on any website that supplies the Zen Soto.

You'll find when using the Zen Soto Aromatherapy Diffuser you don't actually need much oil to use it – as little as two drops can be effective in distributing aromatherapy odors around your home for all the benefits that aromatherapy can bring.

But the Soto is not just highly functional, it has many different settings, so you can change color, keep one consistent colour, or have light but no color while it still defuses beautiful aromatherapy vapours around your home.

Now you might be tempted to buy a cheap reed diffuser, but there's no question that this sophisticated piece of machinery is well worth investing in, since it's both beautiful to look at and very relaxing in its appearance.

Most people who buy say that they're very happy with their purchase and that the Zen Soto is a stylish aromatherapy diffuser – one criticism that's been levelled is that it's slightly on the large side, but the fact that the scent vaporization and distribution is so good more than makes up for this.

In fact one happy purchaser said "don't expect this to knock you out like most air freshener sprays or plug-ins do!" This demonstrates how subtle the scent left by the Zen Soto is – and of course that doesn't mean that you can't smell it, what it means is that the scent is, well, subtle.

However another user found that there was a slight design flaw – while there is an option to have multi-color changing lights, a single color of your choice or to have the light off, the fact is that when you switch the light off, the blue power-on light in front of the device is so bright that it lights the whole room up – a minor point, perhaps, but one to bear in mind when you're choosing which Zen Soto unit to place in your room.

Interestingly enough, aromatherapy can be used to help people with depression. You can use organic compounds called essential oils to improve a person's state of mind – these essential oils are best used in organic and natural form such as the Neal's Yard supplies. Taken from various parts of the plant, including the roots, blossom, seeds and leaves, they can be blended together to make a mixture that allows you to defuse the aromatherapy through the air, or sprinkle a few drops into your bathwater. Other techniques are to use it during a massage in a carrier oil.

It's probably fair to say that most people are unsure how aromatherapy works, but it's likely that chemicals in the essential oils are either directly absorbed into the skin or can trigger certain receptors in the nose which are connected to neurones in the brain responsible for mood.

Diffusion is about spreading the scent through your room or your home using a diffuser such as the Zen Soto. If you do this, you're effectively converting your entire house into a therapy room.

Equally, you can use room sprays which will give you a wide distribution of scent quickly – you can do that by simply adding some of the essential oil to a bottle of water and putting it in a spray bottle.

Aromatherapy is often used as part of a full body massage, which is a good way of both encouraging relaxation and changes in mood for depressed people.

Amongst other essential oils used to ease depression are

  • clary sage
  • basil
  • bergamot
  • rose
  • jasmine
  • sandalwood
  • geranium
  • neroli
  • petitgrain


Lumie Body Clock - Seasonal Affective Depression

As you may know, light therapy has been used to cure seasonal affective depression – otherwise known as SAD.

This Lumie Iris 500 bodyclock light is one of the most effective methods that you can find of recreating sunrise and sunset – giving your body the natural time of sleep that it will need before the sun comes up and the sun goes down… At least, that's the illusion that the Iris 500 Lumie bodyclock creates!

You can also use essential oils in two chambers in the machine so that you get not only the seasonal affective depression cure of light therapy but you also get the benefits of aromatherapy.

In fact the Lumie Iris 500 includes 2 60 ml chambers for aromatherapy – one for water and one for your essential oils, and it uses ultrasonic technology that can be switched to either continuous or intermittent diffusion to ensure that you get exactly the right level of aromatherapy that you need.

Considering that both aromatherapy and light therapy have been recommended for people with seasonal affective depression, or seasonal affective disorder, and considering also that the Lumie Iris 500 bodyclock is certified by an EEC medical directive (93/42/EEC) and is supplied to the NHS, you can hardly get a better - if somewhat unusual and well proven – cure for seasonal affective depression.

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